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needs and create a plan for a lifetime of support.


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If you could get rid of one of your symptoms, which one would it be?

Fatigue.  Joint pain.  Weight gain.  Cravings.  Insomnia or waking up during the night.  Low motivation.  

Brain fog.  Elevated blood sugar.  Gas or bloating.  Too hot or too cold.

Which symptoms do you have?

More importantly, “why” do you have symptoms?

Find out the cause of the dysfunction and eliminate ALL your symptoms naturally.


I did not know how bad I felt until I started feeling great! Working with Jennifer absolutely changed my life and I don’t even know if words could ever express my gratitude. She was the first person who listened to me and didn’t act like my fatigue was all in my head. She was able to identify some foods that I was sensitive to and also some gut issues that were revealed in my tests. My life is happy now and no longer are my days scheduled around my “high” energy parts of my day because I now have energy ALL day! Kate S.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to improve my health. Working with Jennifer has been the best money I have ever spent. She took the time to understand what was going on with my digestive issues and they are 100% better. She is currently working with my wife and if either one of us has a question, we just send Jennifer an email or schedule a short call. Jennifer never hesitates to answer our questions. Truth is, I know she cares about us and she cares about our health. She helped us both to naturally improve our health and to feel better. That to me is priceless. Kenneth B.

I contacted Jennifer because I was an out of control Type 2 diabetic who wanted to get my health back.  Over five months I learned a new way of eating and exercising.  I was also advised on supplements that were specific to my situation.  Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent teacher and motivator.  My blood sugar dropped from the 200’s down to the 70 to 80 range, I was able to lose about 10 pounds, and my energy significantly increased.  I would highly recommend Jennifer as a mentor and adviser.   
Patti M.

What you want:

  • To not have to go it alone with your health issues and to get some real answers

  • To understand why you feel this way and to STOP feeling bad

  • To learn how to take care of yourself, with your own tools

  • To make sense of the huge amount of health information on the Internet

What we do:

  • You are definitely not alone…we are right there with you, helping you understand the underlying cause of the issues and addressing them

  • We work with you, using practical health resources and functional lab testing, to understand the root cause of your health challenges

  • Step by step, we give you the tools to be and stay healthy, and you own the tools

  • The Internet is information overload! The most important information you need is to understand what is right for YOUR body and health…and we work with you to discover that

Discover how you can change your life…


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