What Does Good Health Mean to You?

Good health can mean different things to different people, especially those that have joint pain, digestive issues, are fatigued or that feel that they live a healthy lifestyle yet still have many more symptoms than they should.
Think about this…by the time you have symptoms, many systems in your body are already dysfunctional.
We have a lot going on in there. Hormones, the little messengers of the body, have places to go and things to say, yet dysfunction in one area can stop, or lessen the impact, of the message in other areas. Dysfunction in our liver can derail the messages sent out by our thyroid. Gut health can affect every system in our bodies.
Symptoms themselves will not always tell us what is the origin of the dysfunction.
You may have joint pain. And it has been around for a while, some days worse than others. The problem is that although this pain is always there now, you still remember a time when it wasn’t. Unfortunately, you have just learned to live with it. Is it a joint issue? Is it an inflammation issue? Is it a digestive issue? How would you find out?
Ask yourself this: when did having symptoms of dysfunction become normal? Why is it “normal” to have constant headaches or muscle pain? Why is it accepted as “normal” to feel tired all the time? Why should women go into menopause and just assume that hot flashes, weight gain and failing libido will follow?
When did it start being acceptable to not feel good?
Working to uncover dysfunction leads to balance in all systems of the body and the relief of symptoms.
Our bodies are unique in that they are constantly striving to be healthy and maintain internal stability. When one system of our body gets out of line, the other systems will adjust to accommodate this dysfunction. This is adaptation. Your body is adapting to the dysfunction while still trying to maintain stability. This will continue until those supporting systems also start becoming dysfunctional.
Bringing balance to the functions of the body starts you on the path to improved health. There is no drug, no supplement, and no one super food that can do this. Only by understanding the underlying cause of the dysfunction can you start progress, achieve greater health and understand how to keep your good health for the rest of your life. But how and where do you start?


“I did not know how bad I felt until I started feeling great! Working with Jennifer absolutely changed my life and I don’t even know if words could ever express my gratitude. She was the first person who listened to me and didn’t act like my fatigue was all in my head. She was able to identify some foods that I was sensitive to and also some gut issues that were revealed in my tests. My life is happy now and no longer are my days scheduled around my “high” energy parts of my day because I now have energy ALL day!”

Kate S.


It begins with the uniqueness of you.
Each of us has the most wonderful and unique bodies. Even though the list of dysfunctions may be standard, how they affect you and how they present as symptoms, and what it takes to start feeling better, is part of your uniqueness. How can we get clues about understanding any dysfunction that may be present in your body? I start with the understanding that you are an individual and that your health support needs to be that individualized too. The most beneficial time I spend with you is the time we spend together discussing you, your lifestyle, your health concerns and complaints and what it is you want to improve in these areas.
I also use functional lab testing. These tests, done in the privacy of your home, provide clues to what is happening within the delicate balance of the body and its systems. This is another reason it is so important that I understand the most I can about you. Without this discussion, it’s impossible to look at a lab test and understand what those numbers mean in relationship to you. I need to understand what YOUR normal is, NOT just a reference range. You are so much more than a number on a test!


“I admit it…before I talked with Jennifer, I knew nothing about a Functional approach to my health. I thought this program might be full of “alternative” therapies. I could not have been more wrong. Jennifer uses common health principles and taught me what good health really means. She cleared up a lot of misconception for me but what has been most useful is that I am now more in tune with what MY body needs and I love the fact that after 52 years, I have finally learned how to take better care of me and KNOW that what I am doing is improving my health and my quality of life…”

Sandi J.

Many clients tell me they eat a very healthy diet. What they don’t always realize is that eating healthy food and eating the RIGHT foods for them is two different things. Drinking green juice may help your friend feel great, but when you drink it, you feel fatigued and sleepy. Why? Understanding which foods actually fuel your body is a foundational building block for great health.
Once we have gathered our clues, I work with you using nutrition as a basis of starting to find balance in your health. I use every functional tool possible to have the best understanding of what balance needs to happen in order for you to feel better. Then those tools becomes your tools 🙂
What if you are currently working with a doctor on a specific treatment? I am not a doctor and I neither treat nor diagnose disease, but I do look for healing opportunities and the work we do together is complimentary to the work you are doing with your doctor. How is that so? For instance, you may be seeing a doctor because you have headaches. While I don’t target symptoms, I do help you support balance in the body and work to relieve internal stressors, which in turn helps support any therapy prescribed by your doctor.


“When I signed up to work with Jennifer, I was experiencing really bad hypothyroid symptoms going on which my doctor could not identify a problem and all my blood tests came back normal. I have a great doctor and I trust her but I just wanted to feel better. Jennifer had me take other lab tests that looked at other things and she helped me do a better job of supporting my adrenal glands and hormones and when I did, it took about two months but the symptoms that I thought were from my thyroid have gone away.”

Claire S.


How do you start to feel better?
It takes one phone call. If you and I are going to work together, we need to talk and determine if it will be a good fit for both of us. It should also not cost you any money to decide that. I never work with a client unless we have had a free 30 minute Strategy Session. This call is all about you. I encourage you to ask questions and better understand the process. This call also allows me to fully explain how I work and what you can expect when working with me. Is this really a sales call in disguise? No way!! Your initiative to start working with me has to be based strictly on your level of commitment to your health. When you are truly looking for a lifestyle that supports healthy habits and can make you feel better, I don’t need to convince you of the concept.


“I have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to improve my health. Working with Jennifer has been the best money I have ever spent. She took the time to understand what was going on with my digestive issues and they are 100% better. She is currently working with my wife and if either one of us has a question, we just send Jennifer an email or schedule a short call. Jennifer never hesitates to answer our questions. Truth is, I know she cares about us and she cares about our health. She helped us both to naturally improve our health and to feel better. That to me is priceless.”

Kenneth B.

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